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Flats Hunter 101: Casting to Tarpon

Casting to Tarpon

Before you cast to a single fish or a school, you must determine the proper distance to lead the fish so that your fly sinks to a depth that will enable the tarpon to see your fly at precisely the correct moment. Always try to lead your target based on his direction and rate of speed.

If you have spotted a school of moving tarpon you should cast in front of the pack. By doing this you increase your odds that if the leading fish ignore your still have a chance with the trailing fish. You must always be vigilant when casting to a school of tarpon to never cast into or over the school. If you drop a line over a tarpon’s back you are certain to send him exploding off into the horizon.

Occasionally you may find that a few short strips are needed to impart action to the fly to get the fish’s attention. There is no formula for exactly when and how to strip a fly for tarpon fishing. It is a seat of the pants action that dictates you fly on instinct and gut reaction alone.

Like all other sight casting techniques, the subtleties of accuracy and timing take a great deal of experience and practice to master. Take every opportunity at your disposal to practice your casting and accuracy.

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