Albula Vulpes Art Print


Bonefish art limited edition print with “Species” graphic theme.


*** Frame and Mat Not Included!!! ***

Custom Sizes & Framing Availible Upon Request

Albula Vulpes art print with modern, movie poster style "Species" graphics from Flats Hunter. This unique, limited edition bonefish art is an authentic reproduction of an original digital artwork created by the artist Anthony Lauro. Every Flats Hunter limited edition print comes signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All Flats Hunter limited edition are prints are done in house on 100% archival fine art paper that is acid, lignin, and chlorine free with the best, museum quality archival inks. Flats Hunter DOES NOT outsource or subcontract any of its' artwork. Flats Hunter DOES NOT use third party printers and or lesser "drop shipping" services. Every single print is made locally in Florida with American pride and craftsmanship. When properly cared for this bonefish print is sure to last a lifetime making it the perfect fishing gift for anglers of all ages.


Edition: Limited to 200 prints in each size. Every copy signed and numbered by the artist, Anthony Lauro
Printer: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100
Paper: Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta, 325 gsm, 100% α-cellulose, acid and lignin free
Packaging: Rolled over a tube with glassine paper, poly bagged and then boxed
Origin: Printed personally by the artist in Florida, USA


If there ever was a fish that would drive a man to the brink of insanity it would be the Bonefish. Bonefish are by nature the most paranoid, nervous fish on Earth. They spend their entire lives in a constant state of alarm and seem to have a built in radar for anglers. Most Flats Hunters would unanimously agree however, that the Bonefish is pound for pound one of the most powerful fish in the ocean. Bonefish have quickly become the most sought after of all the flats species and are chased by sportsmen with a cult-like devotion.

Bonefish, also known as the “gray ghost” of the flats, are a member of the Elopiformes order, which also includes tarpon and ladyfish. They have a sleek, torpedo shaped body that is built for speed. Bonefish are covered with hundreds of small shiny silver-blue scales that flawlessly reflects their surroundings to make them almost invisible. Their backs appear olive green with eight darker colored bars that cross their backs to help provide camouflage from above.

The bonefish’s secret to speed is their powerful, deeply forked tails that can propel the fish to bursts of speeds recorded by researchers of over 26 mph. Although this speed is halfway between trout and a sailfish, it is sustained for hundreds of feet in only 6 inches of water! The mind-numbing speed of the Bonefish makes up for their relatively small size. An average fish is around five pounds and a trophy size Bonefish reaches over ten pounds. The current all-tackle record is 16 pounds and 0 ounces.

Bonefish often feed in the shallow water of the flats, sometimes burying their heads down in search for food while their silver tails break the surface reflecting in the sun. They have a small mouth on their underside that is used to sniff out their meals from the bottom. Inside their mouth is a small row of tiny teeth inside the rim followed by a powerful set of ceramic-hard pearl shaped molars that crush mollusks and crustaceans.

Bonefishing on the flats is angling nirvana. The hunt and pursuit of Bonefish is an art in itself. It is unforgettable choreography of action and adventure that will reach in and grab your soul. Once you have caught your first bonefish you’ll be addicted for life!

Bonefish Tackle

Finding Bonefish

Casting to Bonefish

Fighting Bonefish

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