Centropomus Undecimalis Art Print


Centropomus Undecimalis art print with “Species” themed graphics.


*** Frame and Mat Not Included!!! ***

Custom Sizes & Framing Availible Upon Request

Centropomus Undecimalis art print with modern, movie poster style "Species" graphics from Flats Hunter. This unique, limited edition snook art is an authentic reproduction of an original digital artwork created by the artist Anthony Lauro. Every Flats Hunter limited edition print comes signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All Flats Hunter limited edition are prints are done in house on 100% archival fine art paper that is acid, lignin, and chlorine free with the best, museum quality archival inks. Flats Hunter DOES NOT outsource or subcontract any of its' artwork. Flats Hunter DOES NOT use third party printers and or lesser "drop shipping" services. Every single print is made locally in Florida with American pride and craftsmanship. When properly cared for this snook print is sure to last a lifetime making it the perfect fishing gift for anglers of all ages.


Edition: Limited to 200 prints in each size. Every copy signed and numbered by the artist, Anthony Lauro
Printer: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100
Paper: Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta, 325 gsm, 100% α-cellulose, acid and lignin free
Packaging: Rolled over a tube with glassine paper, poly bagged and then boxed
Origin: Printed personally by the artist in Florida, USA


The brilliant snook is hands down one of the most desirable fish in Florida. Most flats and shallow water fisherman will agree that the snook is the most intelligent of all the species. Snook seem to know exactly what to do to break your line should you be lucky enough to fool one into taking a fly.

Snook are notorious for their ambush personality. They love to hide in cover and slam anything unfortunate enough to come by. Snook can be found hiding among the mangrove roots, bridge pilings, or any structure that affords them the ability to remain unseen. Snook are also often found laying up in the many white holes that pepper the flats as they wait to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Cast your fly into one of the holes and hang on!

Snook are very sensitive to water temperature and will flee the flats and shallows when the mercury drops. They are commonly found over dark bottomed environments that warm quickly. They are exceptionally vulnerable during cold fronts where they become lethargic and almost motionless. It is for this very reason that the Florida regulations prohibit the taking of snook during December 15 through February 1.

Snook are a long, heavy fish that has a very distinctive head. The snook’s head comprises one third of its length and has a long, concave snout. They also posses a prominent black lateral line that runs the length of the fish beginning just behind his gill plates. It is this line that has earned the snook the alias of linesider. Although a snook’s coloration can vary according to his surroundings, they have an olive green hue on top with silver sides. Their fins have a yellowish coloration.

Snook reach maturity at three years weighing on average three to four pounds. They are voracious feeders and quickly grow to exceed this weight. The current IGFA all-tackle world record for snook is  59 pounds, 8 ounces. It was caught by Ward Michaels in Puerto Quepos, Costa Rica

Snook were originally referred to as “soapfish” by the early anglers because of their soapy taste when prepared without removing their skin. It didn’t take long however for anglers to realize the snook’s sensational table qualities once you remove their skin. Snook is considered one of the best eating fish from the ocean and they are pursued by many anglers with a fanatical obsession.

It is sad to think that snook were once fished to the brink of extinction. The healthy population found today is a direct result of strict government regulations and angler awareness. If we as anglers and enthusiasts don’t adhere to the size and bag limits today we will be jeopardizing the snook fishing for the future. Please practice catch and release so that these magnificent fish will be around for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Snook Tackle

Finding Snook

Casting to Snook

Fighting Snook

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